Coffee Package Design

Riverside Tennis Club
September 11, 2014
Magazine Spread
April 4, 2015

Carolina Coffee Company


February 2014

Software Used:

Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC

Project Objective:

Develop a Morning Brew coffee to be used by Carolina Coffee Company. Designers solution must include origin of the bean, package design and brand extension as presented in creative brief.

Brand Origin:

Café de Amanecer, “Coffee at Sunrise”, and is a part of Carolina Coffee Company’s imported line of coffee beans. This brew is 100% Arabic from Colombia, South America. This Morning Blend is a medium bodied, smooth and refreshing blend that is perfect for a simple and light breakfast coffee.

Design Solution:

To illustrate this Morning Blend, a simple, yet eye catching color scheme of greens and browns was chosen. To keep with the stipulations set inside the job proposal, the perfect combination of stylistic South American imagery & Modernistic styles were used. A modern font was chosen for the headline, as well as the body copy, keeping the design readable and effective in composition. Secondly, in terms of modern style, the Directions panel features an info-graphic style using vector shapes and bright colors between transitions. The stylistic imagery mentioned above is noted in the body, with the fill-layer depicting a brown pattern, which ties the design back to the coffee’s imported & natural roots